Transactional Emails and you

Pixel Perfection, we go to great lengths to ensure that you receive the right transactional email from us at the right time.

Chances are you’ve received one of these emails because you’ve made an enquiry or made a purchase, in which case thank you, but we also send a small number of other transactional emails which we have listed here.

Table of Contents

Transactional emails we send

  • Enquiry acknowledgement – if you’ve made an enquiry you’ll receive one of these. In it we thank you for your enquiry and in some cases may ask for further information so that we can assess your enquiry in more detail and provide the most suitable response/solutions.
  • Help Desk Ticket system request - If you have requested assistance from the Pixel Perfection help desk via the online form in the web hosting or via the telephone.
  • Order confirmation – if you have made a purchase then you’ll receive one of these. In it we thank you for your order and might also provide you with information regarding the sale.
  • Order updates – if your order information changes for any reason, we will email you to confirm this.
  • Online Billing / Invoice - This will Include the invoice address; the name and contact of the contact in your organisation who is the designated contact or person who made the initial contact.
  • Ongoing Communication – there may be other times that we need to contact you to keep you updated on news that might affect you, for instance pricing, new services.

You are not subscribed

You’ll be pleased to know that receiving a transactional email doesn’t mean you are now subscribed to receive other emails from us, unless you at some point have opted into our mailing list.

Our view is that as transactional emails are individually generated , and sent only in one of the instances listed above, that there is no need for you to be subscribed to receive other emails.

Of course if you have opted-in at any point, then you will still continue to receive emails such as news updates. If you have decided you’d rather not receive these then you can unsubscribe by sending an email to us at [email protected]

Contacting us

If you feel that you have received an email in error, or have a question, then please let us know and we’ll do our best to help you.

Contact us on [email protected]